How to use a studded tumbler


A studded tumbler is a specially made tumbler with a screwed lid and straw to enable users to enclose their drinks in an open environment. Some studded tumblers are made for single use. However, there are some versions of studded tumblers meant to be reused.

So, when you are considering purchasing your studded tumbler, you should endeavor to go for the best to enjoy your outdoor or indoor drinks. You are about to learn how to use a studded tumbler both at home and outdoors.

Best ways to use your studded tumbler

Most studded tumblers are designed with easy-to-use features. This implies that you don’t have to crack your brain to realize how to use your tumblers effectively. You can follow these steps to get the best user experience from your studded tumbler.

  • Inspect the design and features before purchasing: If you hope to enjoy using your studded tumbler, you should look out for its features before buying. Learning about these features will enable you to make the right purchase. If you want to check out these features, you should look out for its lid, body design, straw, and other personal desires.
  • Open the screwed lid: Once you purchase the studded tumbler, you can begin with its usage by opening its screwed lid and washing the inside. You can use a dishwashing sponge to get the tumbler ready for first use. After washing, allow it to dry off before pouring liquid content inside.
  • Close the studded tumbler: After transferring your liquid, proceed to close the tumbler with the screwed lid.
  • Position the straw properly: The manufacturers of studded tumblers often add straw to the lid of the tumbler to enable users to gain access to the liquid contained inside. However, after screwing the lid back, the straw may stay in a position that will inconvenience you. Ensure that you adjust the straw properly to get the best user experience from the studded tumbler.

Why you need a studded tumbler

Manufacturers of studded tumblers came up with a unique invention to give users a fascinating experience. Since our body needs to stay hydrated regularly, you will surely see the need to walk outdoors taking a sip of the drink. Studded tumblers are designed to cover this need.

Since the studded tumbler is enclosed, dirt will not be able to fly into the container and make you sick. In fact, you will feel more secure when you drink from your studded tumbler outdoors.

Why you need to buy a reusable studded tumbler

Some people will not see the need of reusing studded tumblers since they are cheap. However, purchasing a studded tumbler every time you need to take a sip outdoors will make you spend more money. Moreover, buying non-reusable items is completely harmful to our environment. So, if you really care about the environment, you should prefer to purchase a studded tumbler for use.


When you intend to purchase a studded tumbler, you should know exactly what you want to direct your purchase and enable you to enjoy a greater user experience from the product. However, you should choose a reusable studded tumbler over a non-reusable to save some money and the environment as well. You can use the information provided above the get the best experience by using a studded tumbler.


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