Gorgeous Ideas for Flower gift boxes


There are many occasions where we need to send a flower gift to someone, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. If you are looking for some ideas on how to pack your flowers in an attractive and stylish way then keep reading!

Red rose in a box

A red rose is the most popular flower for gifting. It is a sign of love and affection. Red roses are always given as a token of appreciation, whether it is to your partner or your parents or close friends. You can also gift this flower to someone who has been in hospital or recently suffered from an illness. This will surely bring some cheer to their life!

If you want something unique but not too ostentatious, then this bouquet will be perfect for you. The red roses are neatly placed inside a white box while there are greenery leaves around them. The whole arrangement looks elegant and classy at the same time

The flower gift box is a perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for their support and encouragement. This gift box can also be used as a decoration in your own home.

Flower box with writing on it

Writing on it is a great gift idea if you want to show your love and affection. You can also use this box as a place to write down some sweet nothings for your partner. This will surely make them smile! If you are looking for something simple yet beautiful, then this is the perfect choice for you. This bouquet contains five red roses that are elegantly placed inside a white box while there are greenery leaves around them.

  • Write the name of the flowers on the box.
  • Write a message on your gift box, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations!”
  • Write your name on the gift box so that when your friend opens it, he/she will see your name first!

Empty rose box

Use a box with a lid. This is great because you can keep the flowers in the box until you’re ready to give it to them, and then when they open it up, they’ll get their gift. Also, if you want to include some chocolate or something like that, then you can put it inside the box too!

Make sure the size of your gift is not too big or small. If your recipient doesn’t have much space in their house (like me) then go for something small like an empty rose box with a lid so they don’t have to use up much space on their table or sideboard etc. Also, if someone has tons of space in their home (like my mum), then go for something bigger such as this beautiful glass bowl filled with purple roses…

Round shaped box

Round-shaped boxes are perfect for use when you want to keep the flowers fresh. The round shape of the box allows more air circulation, which helps reduce moisture and keeps your plants healthy longer.

If you’re looking for an attractive gift presentation that’s both eye-catching and unique, round flower boxes are a great choice. A round-shaped box is also great for displaying large bouquets and other arrangements that need to be displayed vertically instead of standing up on their own.

To keep the flowers fresh for long use a box or pot that has a lid.

To keep the flowers fresh for long use a box or pot that has a lid. Flowers will last longer if you put them in a cool place, so place your gift in the fridge until it is time to deliver it.

When giving flowers make sure you don’t forget to close up the box or flower pot with its lid on tightly so that no dirt can get out of its container. You may also want to add a vase of water inside your box just in case there isn’t any water in your recipient’s home, this way his/her new bouquet will not wilt immediately upon arrival.

Make sure that all flowers are kept away from direct sunlight as much as possible because not only does this destroy their color but it dries them out quickly which can lead to early wilting and death over time!


These boxes are a beautiful and creative way to present flowers. They can be used for any occasion, and will last for many years with proper care. If you want to keep these boxes around long after their contents have wilted away (I’m looking at you, roses), then make sure you treat them right by storing them in dry conditions and investing in some cleaning products that will help preserve their beauty!


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